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Read More WordPress Plugins.
Read More is the best wordpress Read More plugin to help you show or hide your long content. With the help of Read More plugin you can make website with long content more beautiful. The part of the page you don't want to see immediatelywill be hidden after inserting it in the short code and will open by clicking the button.
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You can add unlimited Accordion and FAQ with unlimit. Laatst bijgewerkt 2 weken geleden. The best wordpress Read more plugin to help you show or hide your long content. Laatst bijgewerkt 1 week geleden. This plugin creates a shortcode to add an expandable box to show and hide the selected content on a post or page with customisable show and hide links. Laatst bijgewerkt 4 jaar geleden.
Expander WordPress Plugins.
wpex moreRead more lessRead lesshidden text/wpex. Replace Read more and Read less with your desired text. Use wpex-link class to style the links. Use a different class to style the links by using a custom class. wpex classwpex-link moreRead more lessRead lesshidden text/wpex. Tags Accordion concertina expand expander hide javascript jquery show toggle. Vereist 4.4 of hoger. Laatst bijgewerkt 5 maanden geleden. 4.6 van 5 sterren. Heb je iets te melden?
Read More Inline WordPress Plugins.
Allows you to use the read more quicktag to hide the content following it and instead show a read more link. When the user clicks the link they see the rest of the content right after the link without leaving the page.
Read More Excerpt Link WordPress Plugins.
This plugin changes the ellipsis to a Read More link to the full post content. You can change the Read More link text to anything you wish from the Read More Excerpt submenu on the WordPress Settings menu. Also from the Read More Excerpt submenu you can specify the excerpt word length WordPress defaults to 55 words. Additionally you can force the Read More link to show even when an excerpt is entered or when a read more tag is added to the content. This is turned on from the Read More Excerpt submenu with the Show More Frequently checkbox. The Read More link uses the class read-more-link so you can stylize the link any way you wish. Tags archive ellipsis excerpt length link more read read more readmore words.
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Plugins zoeken Plugins zoeken. The best wordpress Read more plugin to help you show or hide your long content. Laatst bijgewerkt 2 dagen geleden.
Read More Without Refresh WordPress Plugins.
We've got you covered! Our plugin hides the predefined text through a shortcode and based on your choice leaving the remaining one visible to the search engines. Your readers will be also able to read more content by pressing the Read More button without having the page reloaded. Once you press Read more button it will expand. They will also be able to hide it again by pressing the same button which would have been converted to Read less. It works via a shortcode and can be placed everywhere! Usage read moreRead more lessRead less Your long text /read. Feel free to try its demo here or take a look at this YouTube videocast. Tags javascript modal read less read more. Vereist 3.0.1 of hoger.

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