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The Newsletter Plugin features can be easily extended through our premium professional Extensions! Let us introduce just two of them. Reports Extension is a regular WordPress plugin which improves the internal statistics collection system and provides better reports of data collected for each sent email. Feed By Mail Extension generates and sends your newsletters using your blog last posts even custom ones like events or products. Just sit and watch! WooCommerce Extension subscribe customers to a mailing list and generate product newletters. Amazon SES Extension seamlessly integrate Amazon SES with The Newsletter Plugin.
Check Email WordPress Plugins.
Don't know if your WordPress installation is sending emails? Use this simple plugin to find out. It will send a simple test email to an email address of your choice and to help troubleshoot any problems you can also override the custom headers wth your own values.
WordPress Plugin Review Email Address Encoder Web-Pepper.
WordPress Plugin Review Email Address Encoder. Een bekend probleem SPAM. Bijna alle zakelijke websites hebben hun email adres op hun website te vermelden. Zij merken echter wel vaak dat vanaf het moment dat hun mailadres op de website getoond wordt zij meer spam gaan ontvangen dan voorheen. Dit komt doordat spammers software gebruiken die automatisch websites doorlopen op zoek naar mailadressen waar zij hun spam heen kunnen sturen. Om dit tegen te gaan is er in WordPress een erg simpele oplossing de Email Address Encoder Plugin van Till Kr├╝ss.
WP Mail SMTP WordPress Plugins.
You can set the following options. Specify the from name and email address for outgoing email. Choose to send mail by SMTP or PHP's mail function. Specify an SMTP host defaults to localhost. Specify an SMTP port defaults to 25. Choose SSL / TLS encryption not the same as STARTTLS. Choose to use SMTP authentication or not defaults to not. Specify an SMTP username and password. The plugin includes integrated support for Pepipost. Tags mail Mailer phpmailer smtp wp_mail. Vereist 2.7 of hoger. Laatst bijgewerkt 1 maand geleden.
Wordpress double optin widget plugin voor nieuwsbrief inschrijven SendBlaster Bulk Email Software.
user can subscribe and unsubscribe to your mailing list. closed loop double-opt-in feature for polite and legal bulk email senders. build a mailing list inside WordPress. manage the mailing list inside WordPress. bulk email WordPress newsletter subscribers using a free bulk email software. compatible with email sender softwares. compatible with SendBlaster email marketing program. validates w3s xhtml strict. download plugin free wordpress widget for mailing list subscription. unzip the file wpsb-opt-in.php. upload via FTP to your WordPress wp-content/plugins directory. enable plugin from WordPress Plug-ins Admin control pane l. drag into your sidebar the new widget in Presentation/widgets control panel. Configure Sendblaster mass email software for automatic new subscriptions download. Filed under Support by admin.
WP Email Logs Plugin WordPress Plugins.
Display list of all sent email logs of your wordpress site via wordpress functionwp_mail function only. Whenever any email sent via wordpress email function to any one any time the plugin store the details to database table as logs to display. The site admin can see the list of all email list from wp-admin Email Logs left menu List of all email logs. It display mainly all the email list sent via wordpress funciton wp_mail only.
Email Address Encoder WordPress Plugins.
A lightweight plugin to protect plain email addresses and mailto links from email-harvesting robots by encoding them into decimal and hexadecimal entities. Has effect on the posts pages comments excerpts and text widgets. No UI no shortcode no JavaScript just simple spam protection. Vereist 2.0 of hoger. Laatst bijgewerkt 6 maanden geleden.
WP Change Default Email WordPress Plugins.
WP Change Default Email. By default WordPress uses as the email address and WordPress as From name. This plugin allows WordPress Admins to update the default WordPress From Email Address and Name. WP Change Default Email at a glance. Really it is super simple. Enter Desired From Name and Email in WordPress Admin. Really all emails going out from your WordPress site will have the email and from name as you desired. Other WordPress plugins by Vijay Sharma. Contact Vijay on Twitter @sharmavijay79. Tags change default email email mail wp mail. Vereist 3.3 of hoger.

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