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18 maart 2010 Door Website Beginners Gids Tags Akismet Plugin Reacties Spam WordPress Themes WP Reageer. Op zoek naar een Basis WordPress Handleiding? Download hem vanaf de Download Pagina! WordPress Menu Aanmaken en Gebruiken. FileZilla Wat is het en hoe werk je ermee? Gebruik van de Uitgelichte Afbeelding optie in WordPress. WordPress Pagina of Bericht Gebruiken? Een website bouwen met CMS of HTML? Website Bouwen De Basis. Domeinnaam en Web Hosting.
Simple Yearly Archive WordPress Plugins.
Simple Yearly Archive is a rather neat and simple WordPress plugin that allows you to display your archives in a year-based list. It works mostly like the usual WP archive but displays all published posts seperated by their year of publication. That said its also possible to restrict the output to certain categories and much more. Post thumbnails support since version 1.7.1. German de_DE Thanks to me.
Custom Sidebars WordPress Plugins.
Seamless integration with the WordPress Widgets menu. Works with well-coded themes and doesn't slow down your site. Install Custom Sidebars and see for yourself why it's the most popular widget extension plugin available for WordPress with over 200000 downloads. If you want more targeted controls checkout Custom Sidebars Pro. Set individual widget visibility for guests by user role by post type for special pages or categories. Author specific sidebars display a custom sidebar for each of your authors. Clone and sync widget settings quickly edit complex configurations. Import and export custom sidebars backup and share sidebars. 24/7 support for all things WordPress. 100 premium plugins themes support updates and services Including Hummingbird pagespeed booster Uptime monitoring and security hardening.
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Geplaatst op 15 januari 2017 by Robbert Ravensbergen in Plugins Social Media WordPress 0 reacties Lees verder. Automatisch Facebook berichten herhalen. Een tijdje geleden wees ik je op de handige WordPress plugin Tweet Wheel waarmee je heel eenvoudig je Twitter berichten kunt herhalen. Ideaal mits je dat een beetje afwisselt met andere content. Terecht vroeg iemand of zoiets ook voor Facebook bestond. En ja die zijn er. We pikken er eentje uit 1-Click Facebook Reposter. Geplaatst op 14 februari 2016 by Robbert Ravensbergen in Plugins Social Media WordPress 0 reacties Lees verder. Plugin Tip Automatisch Tweets Versturen. Onlangs was ik op zoek naar een goede plugin om wat meer resultaat uit Twitter te kunnen gaan halen.
Jaar Archief WordPress Plugins.
Annual Archive widget extends default WordPress Archive widget to allow daily weekly monthly yearly postbypost and alpha archives to be displayed. Archives can be displayed in the sidebar using a widget and even in a post or page by using a shortcode. A complete listing of shortcode options and attribute demos are available as well as free community support. The Annual Archive widget A better archive widget. The plugin can be translated into any language using our community translation tool at http//translate.twinpictures.de/projects/anual-archive/. Tags plugin-oven pluginoven twinpictures. Vereist 4.0 of hoger.
smart Archive Page Remove WordPress Plugins.
Completely remove unwanted Archive Pages from your Blog. This Plugin allows you to remove Archive Pages automatically generated by WordPress. See also Plugin Homepage and Plugin Doc. WordPress automatically generates several archives for your posts. Date based daily monthly and yearly. Even if you do not want to use these Pages e.g. you don't want to have an author based archive page on a single author blog or you don't want to have a daily archive because you don't post several times a day they exist and they can be accessed by their automated generated URL.
Better archives widget WordPress Plugins.
This plugin will add a new widget to the Appearance widgets area called custom archives widget. It allows you to display links to your archive pages in any widgetized area of your website. The difference with the default WordPress archives widget is that it groups the links to monthly archives by year also links and adds a spiffy accordion effect to reveal the links to monthly archives when you hover over a year. Vereist 3.0 of hoger. Laatst bijgewerkt 11 maanden geleden.
Collapsing Archives WordPress Plugins.
This is a relatively simple plugin that uses Javascript to make the Archive links in the sidebar collapsable by year and/or month. Compatible with WP 4.7. See the CHANGELOG for more information. Vereist 2.8 of hoger. Laatst bijgewerkt 3 weken geleden. 4.7 van 5 sterren. Doneren aan deze plugin. 0 van de 1 onderwerpen zijn opgelost in de laatste twee maanden. Heb je iets te melden?

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